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Welcome to Global Game Art Contest, Not only you can compete with

game artists from all over the world for 180 thousand of dollars,but also can

share your exciting artworks, gain more fans and applause.

——winner winner chicken dinner

Registration Deadline: September 30th, 2019
GGAC Highest Cash Prize
GGAC 2019 Total Prize
About GGAC
The Global Game Art Contest was first founded in 2018. It is hosted by ABOX (Alchemy Technology); co-organized by the Tencent Open Platform, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts; operated jointly by Fenghou Capital, Ping An, Shanghai Milestone. This is a international game art competition with a total prize of more than 1 million RMB and the highest single cash prize is 180,000 RMB.
The goal of GGAC is to make Global Game Art Contest (GGAC) an event to bring opportunities to young artists and fresh vitality to the game industry as well as being a magnificent and industry-renowned top art event. Through the integration of the game and art industry, we will explore the deeper value of the art for the game industry and establish a national and even international art exchange and development platform.
The first Global Game Art Contest attracted more than 40 countries, 800 local and international companies, and more than 5,000 participants to sign up. After a series of selections, the artist from China, Wang Xiaoyu, and the modeler, Zhang Chenxi, won the 2D and 3D category along with 180,000 RMB cash prizes respectively.
Cash Prize
The amount of the cash prize is subject to the RMB.
Other currencies will base on the real-time exchange rate during the distribution.
Two Outstanding Awards
from each of 2D & 3D category
Professional Group
Five Gold Awards
Five Silver Awards
Five Bronze Awards
Two People's Choice Awards
Twenty Exellence Awards
Several Finalist Award
Exquisite Gifts
Student Group
Two Gold Awards
Four Silver Awards
Eight Bronze Awards
Two People's Choice Awards
Twenty Exellence Rewards
Several Finalist Awards
Exquisite Gifts
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2D Judges
Listed in no particular order
GGAC 2018 Season
2D Professional Group 1st Prize
Moonlight Blade Environment Concept Art Lead
Famous Environment Concept Designer
Krenz Cushart
Famous Freelance Artist, Educator
Top Artist in Taiwan
Famous Korean Concept Art Freelancer
Lian & Yohann Schepacz
OXAN Co-founder
Famous International Concept Artist & Illustrator
Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games
League of Legends Senior Splash Art Illustrator
Wang Bo
Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Director of Game Art & Design Department
3D Judges
Listed in no particular order
Zhang Chen
GGAC 2018 Season
3D Professional Group 1st Prize
Xu Zhelong
Co-founder of A Devil in Detail
Chinese Top-notch CG Artist
Pu Gui
Founder of PUGUI
Chinese Top-notch 3D Artist
Cedric Seaut
Co-founder of Keos Masons
International Famous 3D Artist
Frank Tzeng
Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog
International Famous 3D Artist
Damien Canderle
Senior Character Artist at Blur Studio
International Famous CG Artist
Zhang Zhaogong
Next Media Studio at Central Academy of Fine Arts
Game Design Instructor
Pascal Blanché
Art Director at Behaviour Interactive
freelance illustrator, World builder
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