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Welcome to Global Game Art Contest, Not only you can compete with

game artists from all over the world for 180 thousand of dollars,but also can

share your exciting artworks, gain more fans and applause.

——winner winner chicken dinner

GGAC Highest Cash Prize
GGAC 2019 Total Prize
Theme of GGAC 2019
One of the great mysteries in the history is the disappearance of the ancient city of Loulan. The city was located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. Like Pompeii in ancient Rome which drowned in a sea of volcanic ash, Loulan, a once beautiful city, transformed into a barren and perilous desert landscape.This inexplicable event has whetted the curiosity of archaeologists and other scientists over the years, and it has been categorized as one of the top ten unsolved mystery of the world.Loulan was established as a kingdom in 176 B.C. and flourished for over 800 years. The city was like an oasis traversed by a limpid river and situated next to a bountiful lake. The city had a huge population including soldiers guarding the safety of the kingdom. Many residents made a living fishing and hunting.
Bordering the Chinese heartland, the Kingdom of Loulan became the first stop for the Silk Road, and prospered from the trade. Artifacts already excavated from Loulan are many and diverse and include ancient coins, lacquerware, bronze mirrors, pottery, glassware, jewelry and woolen fabrics in Han, Greek and Roman styles.As one of the major stops on the old Silk Road, the city was a center for the trading among Europe, Central Asia, and ancient China.In short, the kingdom was booming economically while serving as a peaceful and paradisiacal environment for its citizens and visitors.
However, the flourishing city of Loulan was curiously abandoned and transformed into a desert wasteland in the 3rd century the by the time around 618 – 907 A.D.,it had fallen into oblivion and never mentioned in the history again until its rediscovery in the 20th century, when archaeologists uncovered the ruins of administrative buildings, residential dwellings, and Buddhist pagodas, as well as numerous artifacts.Many hypotheses have been put forward to explain its abandonment, including climatic or environmental changes, an epidemic, a war of conquest, or the opening of the northern route of the Silk Road which diverted most of the trade traffic away from Loulan.
To this day, the terrain is barely navigable and there are severe weather fluctuations. The region is extremely arid and continues to be subjected to frequent wind and sand storms. Conditions are so harsh that the area has become known as " The Sea of Death.
Loulan's Library
Apr.20 – Sep.30
Jun. – Oct.
Audition & Advance
Deadline for submission
Awards Ceremony
Entry Instructions
Professionals Group Rules
The professionals group has no limit on participants
Students Group Rules
The Students group is restricted to students only (those promoted shall provide their effective student cards)
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Cash Prizes
Every cash prize amount is expressed in RMB.
Distribution of prizes in other currencies will be done based on the RMB's real exchange rates.
Two Outstanding Awards
from each of 2D & 3D category
Professionals Group
Five Gold Awards
Five Silver Awards
Five Bronze Awards
Two People's Choice Awards
Twenty Exellence Awards
Several Shortlist Awards
Exquisite Gifts
Students Group
Two Gold Awards
Four Silver Awards
Eight Bronze Awards
Two People's Choice Awards
Twenty Exellence Awards
Several Shortlist Awards
Exquisite Gifts
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2D Judges
Listed in no particular order
GGAC 2018 Season
2D Professional Group 1st Prize
Moonlight Blade Environment Concept Art Lead
Famous Environment Concept Designer
Krenz Cushart
Famous Freelance Artist, Educator
Top Artist in Taiwan
Famous Korean Concept Art Freelancer
Lian & Yohann Schepacz
OXAN Co-founder
Famous International Concept Artist & Illustrator
Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games
League of Legends Senior Splash Art Illustrator
Wang Bo
Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Director of Game Art & Design Department
3D Judges
Listed in no particular order
Zhang Chen
GGAC 2018 Season
3D Professional Group 1st Prize
Xu Zhelong
Co-founder of A Devil in Detail
Chinese Top-notch CG Artist
Pu Gui
Founder of PUGUI
Chinese Top-notch 3D Artist
Cedric Seaut
Co-founder of Keos Masons
International Famous 3D Artist
Frank Tzeng
Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog
International Famous 3D Artist
Damien Canderle
Senior Character Artist at Blur Studio
International Famous CG Artist
Zhang Zhaogong
Next Media Studio at Central Academy of Fine Arts
Game Design Instructor
Pascal Blanché
Art Director at Behaviour Interactive
Freelance illustrator, World builder
About GGAC
The Global Game Art Contest (GGAC) was founded in 2018. It is hosted by ABOX (Alchemy Technology), co-organized by the Tencent Open Platform, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and it is operated jointly by Fenghou Capital, Ping An and Shanghai Milestones.It is an international Game Art competition with a total cash prize of more than 1 million RMB, the highest single cash prize being 180,000 RMB.
The goal of GGAC is to create a magnificent and reknowned art event which brings opportunities to young artists and a fresh revitality to the Game industry.Through a mosaic of the Game and Art industries together, we explore the deeper values of art within games as we establish a cross-border platform for the exchange and development of artistic works.
The first Global Game Art Contest attracted over 5000 participants and 800 companies from more than 40 different countries.After a series of selections, Wang Xiaoyu and Zhang Chenxi the artist and the modeler both coming from China, respectively won the prizes of 180,000 RMB for the 2D and 3D categories.
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