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Welcome to Global Game Art Contest, Not only you can compete with

game artists from all over the world for 180 thousand of dollars,but also can

share your exciting artworks, gain more fans and applause.

——winner winner chicken dinner

About the Contest
The Global Game Art Contest, aka GGAC
was founded by ABOX in 2018, over one million CNY total prize for each contest, with single award 18,0000CNY maximum.
The contest is inviting more than 100 top CG Artists worldwide to be judges and experts, attracting over 10 thousand of contestants from more than 60 countries and regions to join, coming from over a thousand of Game/Animate/Film companies, studios, and 350 universities or colleges.
The contest sets pushing CG Art Communication, Skill studies as main purpose, creating atmosphere of training young talents as their goal,
exploring deep value of art for game animate industry, establishing idea exchanging and developing art platform over country, or even worldwide.
The Third GGAC starts in April, 2020, this year’s contest is sponsored by China Film Art Direction Academy, Beijing Design Week Committee, ABOX, co-sponsored by miHoYo,
supported by FH capital, Ping An Ventures, Shanghai Milestone, and it is the largest, highest-prized CG Art professional contest in Game/Animate/Film industry at present.
GGAC Founder Lin Yong Min
Founder of Global Game Art Contest, Vice-Director of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission, ALCHEMY(SHANGHAI) CEO, Founder of ABOX
When Chinese Game Industry just started, Mr. Lin Yong Min dived straight into the wave of 9th art.
For more than ten years, he was one the very first game producer in China, he’s established one of the very first game art production service team in China and found vertical professional game art platform, committed to push the development of Chinese digital creative industry.
GGAC Committee
GGAC Committee
Committee Directors
Huo Ting XiaoPresident of China Film Art Direction Academy
Wang Yu DongOffice Chief of Beijing Design Week Committee
Mei    SongDirector of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Centre
Committee Vice-Directors
Shi Jian DuManaging Vice-Director of China Film Art Direction Academy
Cai Zhi JunPresident of China Animation Association
Song Xie WeiPresident of Central Academy of Fine Arts, department of design
Li Jian PingPresident of Beijing Film Academy, department of animation.
Han    HuiPresident of China Academy of Art film and animate, department of animation
Wang Yi FeiPresident of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Media and Animate College
Zhou Zong KaiPresident of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Film and Animate College
Zhang Ge DongVice President of Communication University of China, Animate and digital art College
Huang Xiang DongVice President of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Art and Design College
Wang Hong WeiProfessor of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Ye You TianProfessor of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Animate College
Yu Chun Na President of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts , New Media Arts College , department of animation
Huang    FeiSecretary General of China Film Art Direction Academy
Chen Zan WeiCommittee Member of Ministry of Education, digital media tutorial Committee
Mu Zhi FeiDirector of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission
Lin Yong MinGGAC Founder
Committee Secretary General
Zhao Yi RanDirector of Beijing Design Week
Committee Vice Secretary General
Zhang Mo LanOperation VP of ABOX
Hong Deng KeOperation Director of ABOX
Rotating President of Jury
Mu Zhi FeiDirector of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission
Final Judges (2D Group)
Christian Fell, CiCi/Zhang Qin Hua, Jihun Lee, JUNC/Lin Wen Jun, Krenz Cushart, Lok Du/ Du Zhen, Rei, Yang Xue Guo
Final Judges (3D Group)
Frank Tzeng、Xu Zhe Long、Guo Wei、Luo Qi Sheng、Rafael Grassetti、Zhou Li Jun
Final Judges (ANI Group)
Ran Sheng, Yang Chao, Liang Jun Jie, Richard Lico, Crab/ Dong Yi Fu, Xiong Jun
Primary Judges
Huang Guang Jian, Ju Zhen, Su Jian, Wei Ming, Zhang Bo
GGAC Supervisor Team
Rotating President of Supervisor Team
Lin Yong MinGGAC Founder
Contest Supervisor
Yang Xue GuoVice Director of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission
Yuan    ZhengVice Director of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission
Xiao Zhuang YueVice Director of China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission
Zhai Xiang FengArt Director of ABOX
Ma Zhi YuArt Director of ABOX
Guo    FengGGAC Contest Consultant (GGAC Judge Committee Member)
Wang Xiao YuGGAC Contestant Representative (First GGAC 2D Outstanding Winner, GGAC Judge Committee Member)
China Film Art Direction Academy, Beijing Design Week Committee, ABOX
China Film Art Direction Academy CG Conceptual Art Commission, LCHEMY(SHANGHAI) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
NetEase Games Art Design Center, miHoYo
Cooperation Universities and Colleges
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Art, Communication University of China, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts,TIanjin Academy of Fine Arts,Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Yunnan Arts University
Tencent Gaming Channel, Tencent Video, Shengqu Games,ARCHOSAUR GAMES, Ourpalm Tech&Tianma, CloudToad, Wacom, Substance by Adobe, UNREAL ENGINE,CCG EXPO, Sichuan Art Publisher, 100 Animation,Alliance of China for International Game Education and Industry.
Media Partners
League of Chinese CG Art Medias(7.GAME, wuhu animator zone, Zhi Hui Art, ghjda, Le Yi ArtPage, CgModel, D.Rock, CG World, CGView, ABOUTCG, Film Designer, Yuan Hua Ren, Bu Cun Zai,LofCG, CGbolo, ACD Art Centre, Umatch Lofter, SoulofArt, XRCG College, Tencent Original Venue, GYXY),CGJOY, Thepoly, Gamecores, GameLook, Game Grape, CG DREAM, cg99
Friendly Support
Tencent Games, Netease Games, Giant Interactive, 37 Games,Seasun Game, Game Science, JUMP, ZCOOL, Gamefy, yys, Youxi Tuoluo, GAMERSKY, GameRes, DoNews, Element 3DS, WINK ART SPACE,Magicleaders, CGPower, HXSD, Shenye CG, TOPACGN, hkcgart, gamfe, 178.COM, NGA.CN, POSTS&TELECOM PRESS digital art department, LuBaiTang CG, BIUBIU, CGBones, WMIAO, BYART JOIN,JINGHE EDUCATION
Special Thanks
Milestone, FH capital, PING AN Ventures
山海有灵2020,快来和我一起加入GGAC地球探索计划吧~ 报名填写我的邀请码[[invite.user_code]],未知世界等你探索。
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