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Welcome to Global Game Art Contest, Not only you can compete with

game artists from all over the world for 180 thousand of dollars,but also can

share your exciting artworks, gain more fans and applause.

——winner winner chicken dinner

Explore Team
GGAC Explorers who are like minded spontaneously established work teams, which is GGAC Explore Team, led by full-experienced Team Leader (who will be coaching team members), explore worldwide (submit artworks). Expedition members’ work products (performance in contest), will bring their teams honors and awards.
GGAC Explore Station will set up “Popular Explore Team of the Year”, “Strongest Explore Team of the Year” Awards(1 for each), for motivation.
Joining into a Explore Team or not will not affect personal result, your personal artwork will be judged individually for GGAC Awards (Except Team Awards and Mentor Awards) .
You are not in any of the explore teams, we recommend
My Explore Team
Team name:[[]]
Team Leader:[[exploreteam.leader]]
Declaration:[[exploreteam.declaration | filterTxt]]
CE:[[exploreteam.combat_count]] CE Ranking:[[exploreteam.combat_rank]]
Team Homepage Join now Invite Others
All Explore Teams
CE:[[e.combat_count]] CE Ranking:[[e.combat_rank]]
Assemble a bunch of authoring partners with same ambition
Leader and teammate’s professional advises
Share discovering and authoring process together
Each level 3 (or higher) member joins
Explore team will gain 5 popularity
compete for “Popular Expedition of the Year” honor and awards
Each Artwork and achievement of the work in explore team
will increase CE for Explore Team
Compete Best Expedition of the Year” honor and awards
Notice before joining a team
1.You need to join any one (or more) category before choosing and joining an Explore Team;
2.You are free to choose joining an Explore team or not; If you choose to join, it does not affect final performance, GGAC Award (except team award, coach award) only focus on your personal artwork as judgement abject;
3.Each contestant can only join one Explore team each time, and he/she and his/her artworks are counted on this team;
4.Each contestant joined in Explore team have one chance to re-select the team and join a new team before making their final submission. After re-selecting Explore Team, contribution value this member has created in previous team will be transmitted to the new one;
5.Contestants that are in Explore Team, who offend GGAC Foundation’s rules and regulations, and disrupt team unity, if it happens, the team leader has right to apply GGAC Foundation to remove him/her from the team.
Explore Team Q&A
1. Can I give up joining any Explore Team?
a) You don’t have to join;
b) Contestants with no team, will not achieve honor and awards set up for Explore teams.
2. Will it affect me if I don’t join an Explore Team?
a) No, whether you join a team or not will not affect your performance;
b) GGAC Awards (Except team award, coach award) only focus on your personal artwork as judgement abject;
c) Contestants with no team will not achieve honor and awards set up for Explore Teams.
3. Can I quit or change a Explore Team after I join one?
a) You can choose to quit Explore Team before your final submission;
b) After your first quit in Explore Team, you will still have a chance to re-select and join a new team;
c)After final submission, you will not be able to quit or change Explore Team.
4. Are members in same Explore Team able to cooperate on one artwork?
No, completion, publish, judgement of artworks are individual.
5. Once I join the Explore Team, will team limit my authoring style?
a) Generally, there is no limit on contestants’ authoring domain and styles;
b) If contest choose to join team with special requirements, then you need to meet their requirements. (For example, if you join an Explore Team with animate personification character as their theme, then you will be limited by theme and requirements)
6. What is Explore Team’s popularity?
a) The influence of Explore Teams competing “Popular Explore Team of the Year”;
b) Each one member(Over Level 3) joins, the team will gain 5 popularity;
c) The team with highest popularity will achieve GGAC Foundation “Popular Explore Team of the Year” title and award.
7. What is the CE of Explore Team?
a) The influence of Explore Team competing “Popular Explore Team of the Year”;
b) Each artwork and its achievement will increase CE of the team;
c) Team with highest CE, will achieve GGAC Foundation “Best Explore Team of the Year” title and award.
8. How to calculate CE?
a) In team, each completed and submitted research artwork will contribute 5 CE to the team;
b) In team, each promoted research artwork will contribute 30 CE to the team;
c) In team, each short-listed research artwork will contribute 50 CE to the team;
d) In team, each excellent-awarded research artwork will contribute 300 CE to the team;
e) In team, each gold/silver/bronze-awarded research artwork will contribute 400 CE to the team;
f) In team, each GGAC artwork of the year will contribute 500 CE to the team;
g) Add up all terms above lead to a final CE of expedition.
9. How to quit an Explore Team?
a) Change directly
b) Contact with Customer Service Representative
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