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One of the great mysteries in history is the disappearance of the ancient city, Loulan. It was located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. Loulan, a once beautiful city, transformed into a barren and perilous desert landscape. This inexplicable event has whetted the curiosities of archaeologists and other scientists over years, and it has been categorized as one of the top ten unsolved mysteries of the world. Loulan was established as a kingdom in 176 B.C. and flourished for over 800 years. The city was like an oasis traversed by a limpid river and situated next to a bountiful lake. It had huge population including soldiers guarding the safety of the kingdom. Many residents made a living fishing and hunting.
Kingdom of Loulan became the first stop of Silk Road, and prospered from trades. Artifacts already excavated from Loulan are many and diverse include ancient coins, lacquer ware, bronze mirrors, pottery, glassware, jewelry and woolen fabrics in Han, Greek and Roman styles. As one of the major stops on ancient Silk Road, the city was a center for trading among Europe, Central Asia, and ancient China. In short, the kingdom was economically booming while serving as a peaceful and paradisaical environment for citizens and visitors...
Initially,everything was in chaos.
The gods were born in the first light. They created the sun, the moon and the stars and gave them the light; they separated the earth from the ocean and named them "the world".Ferocious beasts began to gestate in the void, and they were the dignity of chaos. Order and nothingness, were their eternal war!
The gods had a hunch of the arrival of "eternal night". In order to resist the ferocious tide of beasts, the gods created hundreds of groups, granted them different technologies and magic, and made humans as leader.It was a devastating war, and technology and magic were as vulnerable as toys. The stars fall from the sky, the sun and moon fade, and time ceased to exist. The whole world began to fall apart.Eventually, chaos was sealed, and the relics of gods fall into a deep sleep.Humans, however, became dominators of the world.
The Gods created humans, but man was not a present to the world. Humans with knowledge of the gods were constantly attracted by chaos.Man was the product of failure. They were stupid, jealous, greedy, and arrogant. They were more like chaos.In a world where the gods had gone,the war between the humans and other groups just began.
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