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Welcome to Global Game Art Contest, Not only you can compete with

game artists from all over the world for 180 thousand of dollars,but also can

share your exciting artworks, gain more fans and applause.

——winner winner chicken dinner



1、Complete an small-scale 3D Environment Asset Artwork (It could be a corner environment, or it could be a complete game map.) based on the theme“Fairy Town”and any Game of SUPERCELL as the background (Hay Day/ Clash of Clans/ Boom Beach/ Clash Royale/ Brawl Stars).
2、Your 3D environment artwork has to be closely conformed to the theme of this challenge, and any of SUPERCELL Games Style, and you need to explain the idea of your artwork.
3、There is no requirement on polygon.
4、There is no limit on texture number, please use standard size such as 2048 or 1024.
5、Texture maps, shaders, any 3D software and any light effects of creating process are not limited, for rendering engines we suggest but not limited to any one of Unity, Unreal, Blender, Arnold and Marmoset.
6、Originality and integrity of your work need to be guaranteed. Offending others’ copyrights, patent rights, trade mark rights, portraiture rights, private rights and other legal rights are not permitted. 
7、Rules and other materials can be downloaded from the "Download Material" page.(Go to Download)
Submission Rules
1、Last Submission need to have:
a)1 final rendering of 3D environment asset;
b)Rendering from 3 different angles, 1 for each (3 in total),
c)3 partial detail renderings of 3D environment asset (or more);
d)1 Wire frame rendering with parameters (such as polygons with wire-frames, number of textures, sizes etc.)
e)Present video of 3D environment asset(optional);
f)Length or width of canvas size should not be less than 2480px.
2、The final presentation can only be adjusted in 3D or 2D software (such as photoshop), only brightness/contrast, tone scale, sharpness, balance, curve and tone/saturation. Drawing, modifying image content and adding other deuteric effects.
3、When you upload final images, You can use the [Display Template] (Go to Download),[Display Template] will not affect judgement of entries.
4、After you finish your work, please submit your work through website, GGAC will review and publish within 24 hours.
5、If you want to modify an uploaded and reviewed entry work, this work will be in reviewed process again.
6、Please preserve source file of your work, all prize-winning works’ source files must be submitted for presentation, photo-print, publication; Source files includes but not limited to : Unity/Unreal/Marmoset file, 3Dsmax/Maya/Blender file, PSD/TGA texture.